We were excited to be featured on In Love Photography’s blog spotlighting our favorite wedding regions around France. 

The stories, architecture, and details in France create an irreplaceable location for your wedding. Couples who consider a destination wedding in France are usually drawn to the ambiance, elegance, and history of this beautiful country.


The French countryside in Provence is dotted with countless renovated farmhouses radiating warmth, charm, and relaxing serenity. You can find venues surrounded by vineyards, lavender fields, sunflower gardens, or olive groves. Hidden gems can be found off the beaten path perfect for intimate celebrations with close family and friends. 

Be encompassed in the natural beauty all around with many places to transform for your wedding. Envision a ceremony in the garden, cocktails by the pool, games in the stone courtyard, followed by dinner in an open-aired barn as the sun begins to set on the countryside. The glittering stars reveal themselves in the night sky as you cheers to the many memories ahead. Provence has an atmosphere of tranquillity and a timeless magic that you will love.

alps view in france farm house


The powerful landscape and sense of adventure is everywhere in the French Alps. The proximity to nature is like a magnetic pull that brings couples from all over the world to visit! Mountain peaks, cascading glaciers, colorful wildflowers, dark green forests, and altitude meadows are just some of the magical views.

Celebrating a wedding in the Alps is a unique experience that draws people to a place where they feel alive, at peace, and overflowing with energy and bliss all at once.

Venues that are favorites from our past couples include full-service chalets or altitude restaurants with jaw-dropping views. High wooden beamed rooms create a spacious warm environment. The sounds of crackling fireplaces add an extra cozy ambiance in the winter.

Often couples who marry in the Alps are looking for an intimate or adventurous experience. The beauty of the surroundings and nature will leave you speechless. Wedding weekends are filled with activities like skiing, hiking, paragliding, rafting, rock-climbing, mountain biking, or golfing! 

sunset france coast beautiful love french riviera royal

French Riviera

The French Riviera is iconic with clear blue waters and sailboats dotted in the bays. The Riviera as a whole is bustling, busy, and glamorous. It is a place to be seen and rub elbows with jet-setters from all over the world.

You can find all kinds of venues from villas secluded amongst the pines, citrus trees, and palm trees. Chateaux filled with history and class with unmatched views. The seaside luxury hotels on the Riviera are architectural masterpieces adorned with swimming pools and terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The properties have perfectly manicured gardens and it isn’t uncommon to see rare sports cars pulling through the driveways because celebrities, artists, and royalty have called this place home since the turn of the century.

Weddings on the Riviera are the best way to treat your guests to glam, fine wines, and remarkable Michelin starred cuisine.

As you can see, there is so much to do and see in France. Making it the perfect place for your destination I do. Contact us for more details by leaving us a comment below.