Dordogne is placed in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees. When you explore it, you will find incredible landscapes that are nowhere else in France. But what we love most? The exquisite local cuisine and we are sharing with you the best dining in Dordogne!

The department number 24 is the home of fine and fancy cuisine synonymous with some of the most acclaimed food in France. Are you ready to experience some real French living?  

First stop, Drinks!

In the Dordogne Valley, you can taste craft beers from one of the many craft beer boutiques. The Brasserie Gaillarde and the Brasserie Ratz are essential names to remember next time you need a beer! They offer a variety of flavored beers and other local drinks. You can also take a tour of the brewery or just browse their shop. If you want a real taste of the Dordogne Valley, I advise you to taste La Vieille Prune that is handmade right there in the region or Le Vin de Noix de Liqueur that is a walnut based aperitif. 

More of a wine person? No problem! The Dordogne region is also known for being one of the best regions in France for handmade wine. Take a road trip closer to the Atlantic coast and enjoy a wine tasting in Bordeaux. The city of Bordeaux is the city of wine production in the Dordogne Valley. Two amazing bottles to try are the Gran Cru and the Saint Emilion. The Saint Emilion was named after the picturesque town of Saint Emilion, a world heritage UNESCO site.


Bon Appétit!

It is now time for food! What would you choose between cheese, walnuts, truffles, or foie gras? That is a tough one for us. Here there is no need to make a choice because the Dordogne Valley offers the best of all of these.

Try a French delicacy that has been served in French restaurants and households for years on end. Considered as the fatty goose liver, this rich spread is served for fancy meals such as the Christmas celebration. The best way to enjoy Foie Gras is prepared into a mousse, parfait, or pâté. It is sold everywhere in the Dordogne Valley.  Walnut bread and fig jam are the perfect matches to taste Foie Gras “mi-cuit”. Often served with truffles, cheese, and wine, this combination is a typical Périgord meal that will let you speechless. This is an organic delicacy that you can purchase at many different cities all over the valley, such as Sarlat or Périgueux.

One thing is sure you are going to have an amazing adventure when taste testing your way through the best dining in the Dordogne region. What are your favorite stops? Share it with us below in the comments!