This American couple, Alison & Anton, wanted to share an intimate moment of their big day at altitude. They wanted a modern mountain wedding in the Alps and quickly chose a Mer de Glace glacier venue for the first looks at altitude,  6,300 feet at altitude in fact!

They both spent the morning of the wedding getting ready in their little Alpine chalet with their loved ones. It was a laid back morning.

The bride and groom just shined with confidence as they put on their unique wedding attire. The bride rocked red heels and white pants under her see-through lace gown, which was super chic! We absolutely LOVED it. The groom was dressed very smartly as well with blue tones and a bow tie.

They wanted a moment that was intimate and extreme just like their love. They shared their first look moment up at the Montenvers train station. The bride and groom took separate cars, admiring the view as the valley got smaller and smaller in the distance. The groom anxiously awaited his drop-dead gorgeous bride. We love the photo of his little smirk! He was so giddy! Adorable!

After he turned to lock eyes with his bride they laughed at every step that brought them to this moment. They walked together up to the refuge overlooking one of France’s largest glaciers. They loved seeing the famous Mer de Glace and really soaked in the special moment together.

The weather was not the best but the thick fog made it feel like they were the only ones around for miles, dancing in their own little world in the clouds. After enjoying their time in slow motion, they headed back to the Chamonix valley to celebrate with friends and family in a cabin-style reception venue. Check out the full wedding : Coming soon!