This All-American couple invited their guests to join them for a dream destination wedding in the Provence region of the South of France. The entire weekend was planned perfectly and was really relaxed. After a beautiful wedding in their rented private villa, they invited all of the guests back for a fresh and colorful Provence brunch the next morning. The day was filled with the sounds of champagne flutes cheering and cannonball splashes in the pool. The perfect way to soak in all the special moments together. 

This was no ordinary Provence brunch. It was a beautifully colorful spread of French favorites. They hand-selected their diverse menu that included salmon, Mediterranean salad, and a wide array of fresh veggie medlies. The fruit was all so colorful and juicy, Provence truly has the best seasonal produce.

Everything was prepped buffet style so everyone could just come and go as they pleased. This also created a more intimate atmosphere for the already close-knit bunch.  

Everyone enjoyed the day under the marquee tent to shade them from the hot summer Provence sun that this region is famous for. Having a tent is crucial here. We reused this tent from the night before where it was used as a cocktail lounge corner near the dance floor. We also collected the lavender bouquets, floral centerpieces, and aisle flowers to create new arrangements for this event. We used Provencal wine crates for a touch of French style. 

The guests all brought their swimsuits to take a dip in the villa’s pool and really explored all this venue had to offer. The property had everything for a relaxed Sunday. A tennis court, trampoline, swings, hot tub, and petanque court. Inside there is a library, wine cellar, study, large sunroom, pool tables, and a large kitchen. The walls are all in the classic Provencal style with exposed stone and of course, the villa had a terra cotta roof.

This accommodation was really their own little private slice of the Provence lifestyle and allowed over 8 guests to stay on-site with the couple. The guests really enjoyed taking the holiday nice and slow, and having everything planned for them all weekend! It made everything so hassle-free, so they can just enjoy every little moment in stunning Provence.