We are living in uncertain times since COVID came into the world, and are very empathetic to the fact that so many brides and grooms are questioning how to proceed with their wedding dreams. Should they travel abroad? Is it safe? Is it wise? Maybe it’s a lot to ask the guests when things still aren’t 100% reassuring from a travel perspective? We can understand how absolutely frustrating this can be. You have met the love of your life and want to celebrate your wedding in a location and setting that dreams are made of, surpassing all expectations! We know without a doubt that Coronavirus will be affecting the way we celebrate weddings for a while moving forward. But don’t let COVID hinder you from having the destination wedding you have envisioned!

You can still live out a dream wedding in a stunning location far away from home with your future forever partner. So, what does the future of destination weddings look like? Elopements! We are encouraging our couples to consider eloping! An elopement allows you to travel the world, make your wedding dreams a reality in a postcard-perfect location, and then plan a follow up with a big party closer to home.

walking in the olive grove in france Abbaye de Senanque Olive Grove Elopement

It is so important that you do not sacrifice, or settle for something less than perfection on your wedding day. An elopement is intimate, extremely meaningful, and creates such a strong bond because the focus is on YOU and only YOU!

The stress of appeasing the guests, worrying about their well-being, the financial and emotional implications of asking large numbers of people to travel when plans still may change…it could take away from the joy and carefree bliss that weddings are supposed to encompass. 

ski wedding elopement couple

Eloping to France is the perfect solution! You marry in a jaw-dropping location, capture everything on video, or even do a live-stream, (or even both!!), you will be 100% stress-free and then celebrate with everyone back home!

We help to combine a stunning international location, a design that you love, and plan all of the logistics for you! We recommend the best vendors so you will have no doubt that everything is being executed perfectly.


Here are a few visuals of elopements we’ve done in the past to get you excited about the potential!

A Ski Adventure Elopement 

A Gordes Olive Grove Elopement

A Provence Spring Elopement

A Hilltop Village Elopement

The world is still so uncertain but one thing isn’t, your love for one another!  Don’t settle on your big day, don’t put your dreams on hold, make it happen in a way that may even be better than you had initially imagined!

chapelle saint sixie elope provence american couple