Have you considered a private jet for wedding guests? Okay, if you are not rich and famous it might sound a bit extreme but stay with us.. If you are having a destination wedding where people from many different places around the world have to fly in to join you on your special day, those individual tickets can get pricey!

How amazing would it be to quickly and easily have the whole wedding party on the same plane without long queues, layovers, and flight delays? So how about hiring your own private jet for wedding guests! It is no longer just for the world’s elite. 

We are partnering up with SHY Aviation, a company who offers private jets, helicopters and luxury yachts in different sizes and price classes. It might sound expensive but it is actually not much more than a ticket in Business Class. With a private jet you will save time for other fun things instead of waiting at an airport.

We have had one couple do this and everyone just raved about it! They brought on in flight cocktails and snacks. Everyone had such a great time meeting one another and it really kicked off the wedding weekend on such a fun note! 

The most cost effective way to plan this is to have a main hub for take off – which is great if a bunch of your guests are coming from one place. Just like K&T did for their wedding. Most of the guests flew from the US to the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport. All of the guests chipped in the same amount they would have paid for their individual flights and they shared such a unique and often once in a lifetime experience all together. 

Another thing we love about SHY Aviation is their commitment to giving back and being sustainable.  They aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2020 and are committed to offsetting 100% of the flights, be it private jet, helicopter or group charter, through Gold Standard Carbon Offsets that are certified by the United Nations.